Business Process Outsourcing

Website Design

  • We offer one-stop website development services like design, development, testing, and delivering well-formatted and responsive websites.
  • Each website is designed and developed uniquely to provide you with maximum satisfaction and help your organization reach your potential clients.
  • Websites are designed to responsively on different devices, such as mobiles, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Graphic Design

  • Graphic design and visual marketing help you tell an engaging and memorable story.
  • Our graphic design team can bring your story to life.

E-commerce Site

  • Ecommerce is an umbrella term for selling and buying online. On this customer-centric market, competitive strengths are built around customer experience excellence. To help businesses achieve success, we at CGM Golden Land provide ecommerce services covering a full life cycle of an ecommerce project.


  • The labeling system is to categorize and label the Objects, based on the images of players, referee, reserve, ball, etc. Then converted to the Data file. We’ve supported the Labeling service for Rugby, Basketball, Football, and Wheelchair Rugby event.